Why Camp 7 this summer?
There is no better way to spend a summer than making a difference in the lives of children. If you are wiling to give your heart and full efforts to providing campers with the summer of a lifetime, then Camp 7 might be right for you! You will have the opportunity to support, nurture, teach, interact with and care for children in a dynamic environment.
The 2017 summer session will run for 10 weeks which includes a week of staff orientation. Your training will involve some midweek and weekend days (approximately 40 hours) prior to camp. You will be compensated for this time. Our objectives during pre-camp training are to orient you to your job, provide you with the necessary skills and training, introduce you to your co-workers and prepare you for your exciting summer at Camp 7.

Camp Counselor Jobs 


Counselors-in-Training (CIT's) are mature students entering 9th-10th grade or may be as young as 13 prior to the start of camp.
CIT's have leadership potential, a willingness to learn and a desire to work with children. Previous experience working with children and/or camp activities is preferred but not required.
CIT's accept the same responsibility of being a friend and positive role model to our campers, helping to provide a quality camp program and ensuring the emotional and physical safety of all children at camp.
CIT's are assigned to different groups of campers to assist the counselor in a variety of ways.
As you gain confidence and experience, you will be given opportunities to plan and lead events and activities.
CIT's will meet with camp director, staff and peers on a regular basis to discuss camper issues and focus on camp leadership and problem solving.

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Staff Positions



After being a camper it is possible for individuals to work with Camp 7 as Junior Counselors. The primary responsibility of the Junior Counselor is to help out in task-oriented areas. Junior Counselors work together as a unit in performing specific jobs and tasks. CIT's assist junior counselors and counselors in specific jobs. Junior Counselors are a vital part to the success of the camp program.

​​General Function
Supervise and lead a group of 8-10 children at a specific age-level and participate in all daily activities. The leadership and guidance that a group counselor provides to the campers is essential to a strong relationship between counselors and campers.

Knowledge and Experience
At least 18 years of age.
Previous experience working with children in a social setting with emphasis on camp and recreational experience.
Knowledge of a wide variety of recreational activities including: games, organized sports, crafts, songs, skits, etc…
Sensitivity to children’s needs, interests, and problems as well as the ability to communicate effectively with them.
Ability to generate enthusiasm and excitement about camp activities and camp program.
Basic first aid course, CPR (training will be given during staff orientation).

Job Segments
Assure proper supervision and safety of the children in your group at all times.
Assist the camp director in contributing ideas, planning, and participation in camp activities and special events.
Responsibility of directing or co-directing an interest area or area of expertise such as archery, drama, athletics, etc…
Maintain all camp safety and health regulations and rules

Supervise and support all CITs (Counselor-In-Training).
Maintain cooperative relations with parents and all staff members.
Assume responsibility for camp clean-up at the end of each day.
Attend weekly staff meetings and all camp training sessions.
Keep accurate attendance of assigned group at all times.

End Result
To provide a positive outdoor camp experience for children in your group.