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Camp 7 and Grant A Wish Program have partnered together to help children have an opportunity to attend Camp 7.  The Grant A Wish Program sponsors local children in any extracurricular activities or anything their little heart desires.  Here at Camp 7, we hope those desires are to learn to work together, make positive life choices, take responsibility, develop creative skills, build independence and gain confidence.  You can visit their website here​ or by clicking the Grant-A-Wish logo below!

Grant A Wish

  CAMP 7

17846 Kimball Creek Road

Collbran, CO 81624

(970) 628-5331

By supporting Grant a Wish you are supporting our future leaders.

Since 2008 our award winning organization, with the help of a coalition of community partners like; the City of Grand Junction, Hilltop Community Resources, Ariel Clinical Services and others, has offered children a chance at success by giving them an opportunity to participate in any program they are interested in.

But, we can only do it with your help!

The Grant a Wish Program relies on the donations of organizations, local businesses and private donors just like you, to ensure the success of our children by helping fund their dreams.

Last year over 158 children we’re waiting to be sponsored for something as simple as a $44 swimming lesson. Since 2008 we have provided over $60,000 in programs to area youth, with over 150 children receiving scholarships in 2017 alone.


Every year the need is greater and we hope you’ll consider the “Grant a Wish Program” as your charity of choice. Thank you for your consideration!

Camp 7 Sponsors!

Grant A Wish Program

A Message from the Grant A Wish Director...

The Grant A Wish Program, (not to be confused with the Make a Wish organization). We are a 501(c)3, composed of a group of community members, that support qualifying youth with scholarships to participate in programs and activities that focus on providing positive peers and role models.

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