A Summer Day Camp - Collbran, CO

Second Thursday of each Summer Session

Picnic Starts at 6:00 PM

Program Starts at 7:30 PM

Camp 7 celebrates each session with a special campout to celebrate an end to a remarkable experience.  Families of campers are invited to spend an evening at Camp 7 for an extraordinary night of activities.  Activities are carefully selected and planned to make it a truly unique experience. These activities may include singing, dancing, skits, campfire stories, and so much more! 

Once the campfire program activities have concluded, parents are then asked to leave Camp 7.  Campers will then begin to settle in for the night at our high mesa summer grounds location, where campers will spend the night with their counselor in an authentic  "Sioux" tepee.  Regular activities will resume the following day, which will include breakfast and lunch provided by Camp 7.

Parents Friendly Reminder: 

  • Parents are asked to bring a picnic dinner for their family (including camper)
  • Camp 7 does not provide dinner
  • Campers are asked to bring a sleeping bag/toiletries for overnight adventure
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